Digital Strategies

Innovative Strategies

The most basic idea of a strategy is the application of strength against a weakness. Creation of personalised, actionable strategies is at the forefront of marketing strategies from MK consultancy.

Content Marketing Strategies

At the epicentre of most digital strategies, content marketing is that constant which is part of the process. Connecting your brand to its audience and delivering content that they want can help you attract more customers.

Social Media Marketing

By building, growing and nurturing your brands social presence MK will help convey your tone of voice and deliver relevant content to those that want to engage with your business.

Search Marketing

Core Services

SEO Audit Services

An SEO Audit will find the areas to improve your website’s organic performance. MK consultancy will eliminate the speculation by analysing and providing deliverable recommendations in the next steps to growing your business online.

Paid advertising (PPC)

Lots of companies can ‘do’ PPC. But is it being done right? Working with brands to deliver on their important goals to them and their business. Regardless of the budget, with planning (and a bit of patience), PPC’s campaigns can be scaled to deliver measurable results.


Analytics doesn’t have to be a scary word. I can improve user tracking for better organisational decision making and gaining insights into your customers and visitors. From the initial setup to the monitoring, data is a big part of any digital marketing strategy.

Growth Tactics

Other services

Email Marketing

Keeping your brand connected to your audience can help increase sales or leads. Building email lists, loyal customers, increasing traffic are some of the possibilities of what MK can provide for your brand.


Growing your e-commerce business using digital marketing strategies and putting revenue at the heart of it. Creating custom campaigns on a case-by-case basis instead of a one size fits all.


Your brand values and branding will have a direct impact on the relationship you have with your customers. Incorporating a brand strategy into your marketing campaigns will assist in your go to market strategy.